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Large cities have many medical practices and hospitals. No vaccinations are required. However, it is recommended to be vaccinated with common vaccinations (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio ...). The health problems most common for travelers will be digestive problems and diarrhea. They can be avoided by taking the following precautions: do not take ice dan drinks, eat cooked food and vegetables. Try to moderate spicy dishes.


If you spend your vacation on the beaches of the Vietnamese coast, do not forget your sunscreen. Malaria affects only the border areas with Cambodia and Laos. Antimalarial precautions are recommended for Cambodia.


Use only water in sealed bottles. It can be excessively hot in summer, remember to drink regularly! Wear hats, sunglasses and loose clothing against summer heat. Use repellent against mosquitoes.


We recommend that you consult your dentist before you leave so as not to spoil your stay. It would be a shame!