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  • The rules of etiquette in Vietnam are strict but easy to follow:


    • Smile at all times. Do not raise your voice and never show a person's finger.
    • The handshake is customary to greet.
  • The Vietnamese hospitality is well known, and the hosts will attempt to fill every need of their guests. Shoes are usually taken off at the entrance of houses, temples, pagodas, and people greet by joining the palms. It is not customary to kiss especially women.
  • Avoid touching people's heads or point the foot or the finger to anyone let alone to the statues and altars of the ancestors because the head is sacred and the feet are unclean.
  • At dinning table, the custom is to wait until the oldest person begin to eat, unless there is a guest of honor.
  • Chopsticks should not scasually planted upright in a bowl of rice, they are a symbol of death (incense sticks). This is avoided all over Asia.
  • The Vietnamese are very attached to the rules of decorum, especially in places of worship where proper clothes are required (legs and arms should be covered).