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Vietnam is not a cold country. But the seasons have fluctuation in moisture levels that make winter feel colder. Also houses are not equipped with heating.You will find the table below useful which will give you an idea of average temperatures by season.




April to August


September to November


December to February





22 to 37 °

20 to 32°

10 to 17°

13 to 25°



22 to 36 °

20 to 30°

10 to 18°

14 to 26°



20 to 35°

18 to 30°

17 to 32°

17 to 32°


To acclimatize to the country, you should make a tour from north to south. This way your body will gradually adapt to different temperature differences. Clothes you bring will be influenced by information in the table above. Generally you can carry in your suitcase:


·         6 briefs

·         6 pairs of socks

·         4 short sleeve T-shirts 

·         3 Shirts (to be worn after dark to avoid mosquitos)

·         1 sweater

·         1 vest

·         1 anorak

·         3 pairs shoes (tennis, hiking, sandals)

And if you forget something you will just buy it locally for a small fee. Your guide will be there to advise you. The "Made in Vietnam" is known worldwide. Also if you stay a night in a hotel you can ask for laundry for a small fee.



Gift to offer to ethnics:


+Children's clothing: sweaters, fleece, t-shirt with long sleeves and short sleeves, pants, socks, anoraks ... These garments may have been used by your family or friends.


+Sanitary hygiene products:

 soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpastes…


+Stationery: notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers,...

For these last two items, do not burden yourself, you will find all these products on site.


+Important: We ask you, under any circumstances, do not give them any drug which they cannot read the instructions. 


Information :

To make your stay as pleasant as posssible, the entire team of Vietnam Vert Voyages is at your disposal to answer all your questions before, during and after your departure. Feel free to contact us and ask us.