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Ba Be

BA BE is one of the most beautiful natural sites in northeastern Vietnam. Its shape inspired its name, BE BA in Vietnamese means "the three bays." The three lakes were combined in one of up to 35 meters deep! It is located in the heart of karst mountains and lush vegetation. It is one of 20 freshwater lakes of exceptional natural world both in its biodiversity as its geology.
Dong Van

Nicknamed the "Plateau of St.Peter" with its mountains devoid of vegetation, the Dong Van Plateau gives us a variety of specialties: plum, peach, pepper, persimmon, but this is definitely the apple (the best of its kind!) with sweet and pleasant taste that will delight your taste buds!
Ha Giang

The province of Ha Giang is on the highest latitude of Vietnam. It is a mountainous region hosting the most beautiful karst landscapes (limestone) from Vietnam with their ridges tapisséees lush forests, composed of several precious wood and medicinal plants and the river valley LO.
Ban gioc

Marking the border with China, Ban Gioc waterfalls are a natural beauty of Vietnam offering a great visit. One hundred meters wide, it has three levels creating a sort of staircase. The waters fall down, growling on cliffs is visible from several kilometers. This high concentration of water cools the atmosphere and the surroundings.
Ha Long

Words can not describe the natural wonder that is Halong Bay! Emerging from the emerald waters of the Tonkin Gulf, its islands offer a briliance of nature to the highest level! The landscapes are exceptional! Aboard a junk you will discover the eighth wonder of the world and you can even spend a night on board too. Halong Bay was recognized Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful valley, SAPA "country blue" is a former health resort founded by the French in 1922. Surrounded by the mountain range, dubbed by the French "Sapa Mountain", SAPA is home of the summit of VIETNAM, Mount Fan Si Pan.

At the heart of Red River Delta, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi has its former name Thang Long, ascending dragon. With many lakes and parks that make Hanoi among the top places to visit: - The ancient citadel to the west, - The French Quarter to the south, - The old quarter in the city center.
Ninh Binh

This is Ha Long Bay on land! The province is known for its famous caves of Tam Coc similar to Trang An but more beautiful and less touristy. The region is rich in terms of geographical strutures, in fact it consists of plains, mountains and coastal littoral.