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Cu Chi locates in the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The network of Cu Chi tunnels became legendary during the war. Few traces remain of the terrible fighting that took place there, outside of this extraordinary network of tunnels, you can witness the determination and tenacity of the Vietnamese patriots.

Vast network of underground tunnels to visit on three levels of tunnels that extend over 250 km just to learn more about the war and the resistance of the Vietnamese. The tunnels are 60 to 70 cm wide with a height of 80-90 cm. The course developed for tourists will require you to squat while moving. If you feel like it, it is an experience to live: to slide in the dark in these narrow tunnels


It takes really awe of how life could be organized under the ground because the network includes bedrooms, meeting rooms and even hospitals. Wall paintings and a teardrop sculpture is the monument dedicating to fallen Vietnamese fighters.

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