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It shares its border with Laos, the scenery is lovely with its green rice fields and small groups of houses on stilts. This gives a great charm to this fertile valley.The territory is covered at 80% of the famous limestone mountains. Its vast meadows are favorable for planting sugar cane and mango that are now known for their quality.
The region is mainly inhabited by white Thai, black Thai, Meo and Mung. Nearby you can visit the former prison built by the French in 1908 and destroyed by the Americans, but restored to be history monument. The prison is now a memorial recounting the tragic events of the past.
You will not go to Son La without discovering the natural hot springs, therapeutic virtues. It is also possible to visit the cave Tam Ta Toong lost in the middle of the forest. This is the most accessible from Son La and it is divided into several galleries and crossed by the river. Cultural and natural area with lovely hiking expereince and the opportunity to sleep in locals house.


Son La1

Wheel water

Son La2

Work on rice field

Son La6

Rice planting

Son La4

Market of Thais