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Nestled in the heart of a beautiful valley, SAPA "country blue" is a former health resort founded by the French in 1922. Surrounded by the mountain range, dubbed by the French "Sapa Mountain", SAPA is home of the summit of VIETNAM, Mount Fan Si Pan.


The city sprawls over three levels connected by narrow streets. On the square stands the market where ethnic minorities live from the sale of their agricultural products and craft products. You can see the ballet of multi-colored inhabitants of the region and you will not miss seeing young women in traditional dress.


SAPA and the surrounding region is an attractive and very popular with many opportunities for hiking with landscape, its rice terraces and villages of ethnic minorities. You can go hiking or trekking on the slopes of the mountain and stay overnight at the inhabitant's home.


The climate is temperate, the temperature is cool all year round with an average of 15 ° C to 18 ° C and even light snow in winter. This region is ideal for nature lovers. Breathtaking scenery of beauty!





 Sapa from above


Rice fields


Working on the field


Sapa view