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The province of Ha Giang is on the highest latitude of Vietnam. It is a mountainous region hosting the most beautiful karst landscapes (limestone) from Vietnam with their ridges tapisséees lush forests, composed of several precious wood and medicinal plants and the river valley LO. These landscapes contain the limestone plateau of Dong Van proposed to UNESCO for recognition as World Heritage.


In Ha Giang you can find some twenty ethnic groups living in isolation from society that perpetuates their traditional culture. Come and get lost in the sky rocky peaks covered with clouds, discovering the rocky plateau of Dong Van.


Ha Giang is a city surrounded by pristine mountains that can be easily explored on foot to the delight of all hikers with beautiful walks in nature. Hoang Su Phi bewitching beauty of rice terraces and its Sunday market offering the opportunity to discover and learn about the life of the local population.


At the MARKET OF LOVE in Khau Vai you can listen to the most beautiful stories of love. The meeting of lovers of all ages! It takes place once a year, the 27th day of the third lunar month of the Vietnamese calendar. A grand tourist place by its nature. Do not miss!!!

Ha Giang4

Mount Nui Doi in the region of Ha Giang

Ha Giang2

Black LOLO

Ha Giang6

The mountains of Ha Giang

Ha Giang1

 Hmong ethnic in Hagiang

Ha Giang5

Pathen ethnic in Hagiang