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Words can not describe the natural wonder that is Halong Bay!


Emerging from the emerald waters of the Tonkin Gulf, its islands offer a briliance of nature to the highest level! The landscapes are exceptional! Aboard a junk you will discover the eighth wonder of the world and you can even spend a night on board too. Halong Bay was recognized Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the most famous landscapes in the world with thousands of natural karst islands. Its waters are home to nearly 1,969 islands. Ha Long means "descent of the Dragon" and according to legend as beautiful as fairy: "This is the Dragon, mythical beast dug Bay, cutting the rocks with the beats of its tail" ...Halong Bay is dotted with islands and rocks all surrounded by a sea of ​​Jade.


Points of interest are not lacking:
Between the striking shapes and evocative of some rocks, caves. On some islands, the diversit of the ecosystem or the beach are ideal for a leisurely swim. This entire landscape of water and stone gives a show all simply magical! One of the favorite of travelers, is to go kayaking at sunset visiting the fishing villages. Feelings of harmony between body and mind, extremely pleasant experience.


Winter from October to April: clouds, drizzle, mist, little wind - low temperature - Waterproof recommended. In summer from May to September: hot and humid tropical. Blue sky and sun - Swimming time guaranteed. You will find on Halong Bay a world of emotions and feelings! A cruise through Halong Bay is an unforgettable and unmissable. Also an enchanting fantasy unreal!



 Sunset on Ha Long bay


Mythical fog in Ha Long bay




  Beautiful sunny Ha Long


Cruise on Halong


Kayaking on Halong bay