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Land of history, Duong Lam is the first Vietnamese village was known national historical vestige. This town has preserved the charm of yesteryear in a rural village in Red River delta. This village with its architecture dating back hundreds of years is characterized by its old houses made ​​of laterite blocks (red rock) and wood. It includes all the specificity of an ancient village with a door of the village under the protection of a benevolent ancient banyan tree 300 years old. Inside you will discover the town hall, the center of social life, politics and religion. You will also find temples and pagodas very original as Chua Mia, Ngo Quyen Temple ...

Duong Lam unfolds many popular activities and rituals like cockfighting, ceremonies of sacrifices to spirits, and wrestling tournaments ...The villagers have managed to maintain approximately 2,000 pages of documents chronicling the long history of Duong Lam. This is also the birthplace of many national heroes. You can bike around the village and a meal with the locals is advised. Duong Lam is a place steeped in history that has inspired many artists.


A little cultural treasure not to be missed! A real homecoming.


Duong Lam6

At the entrance of Duong Lam village

Duong Lam5

Mong Phu communal house

Duong Lam3

Paths of the village

Duong Lam7

A local house