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Nicknamed the "Plateau of St.Peter" with its mountains devoid of vegetation, the Dong Van Plateau gives us a variety of specialties: plum, peach, pepper, persimmon, but this is definitely the apple (the best of its kind!) with sweet and pleasant taste that will delight your taste buds!


Dong Van is also the country of valuable medicinal plants like pseudo-ginseng, anise or cinnamon. The landscape of Dong Van is as poetic as spectacular with its vertiginous mountains hiding many caves and orchids of all colors. At sunset, you will see many unusual shapes with mysterious colors.


This rocky plateau is a famous place for photographers coming to this unique spectacle. This great masterpiece of nature will charm you for sure! Landscape to contemplate in serenity ...


Dong Van3

The mountains of Dong Van

Dong Van5

 Ma Pi Leng Pass

Dong Van4

  Dong Van in September

Dong Van1

  Dong Van market

Dong Van6