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Bac Ha is a small mountain village in a beautiful area of 1000 meters. The road to go to Lao Cai to Bac Ha is as lovely as that of Sa Pa from crossing quaint rural villages and peaks to give a stunning view of the rice fields.
Bac Ha is best known for its market on Sundays, very colorful atmosphere. Members of hill tribes, a tributary of the entire region, as Zao, Tay, Thai and Hmong dressed in traditional clothing, they gather around stalls and are selling spices, fruits, vegetables and everything they make with their hands. The market is a joyous colorful crowd!
For all ethnic groups, it is time to get together to eat and drink together and also to share the news. Beyond the aisles you humerez the delicious fragrance of spices, fruits, vegetables and be amazed by the meat. And do not forget to try one (or more) rice or corn alcohols, distillation being part of the traditional skills of Hmong.
The market offers an incredible atmosphere with a mixture of charm, color, and warmth. To keep its authenticity and uniqueness, it is best to go to the market early in the morning. You observe around you thousands of plum trees. A warm, serene and very colorful atmosphere that will appeal to you for sure!

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