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BA BE is one of the most beautiful natural sites in northeastern Vietnam. Its shape inspired its name, BE BA in Vietnamese means "the three bays." The three lakes were combined in one of up to 35 meters deep! It is located in the heart of karst mountains and lush vegetation. It is one of 20 freshwater lakes of exceptional natural world both in its biodiversity as its geology.


Immersed in the winter mist or cut on the blue sky you will be pleased to see these steep hills as high as mountains. You can not miss its national park with its abundant flora and fauna harboring over 500 species of plants whose valuable include red algae, 300 species of animals including some very rare and 50 species of fish freshwater.

The park is also known for its numerous species of butterflies (over 300!). Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, caves complement the charm of this beautiful destination often unknown to tourists. The boat ride will take you to discover the romantic landscapes and beautiful sights, like the cave Puong, Dau Dang waterfall and Lake of the Fairies.


You may like adventure, enjoy a walk in the park and sleep homestay in traditional houses on stilts. The climate has two seasons: a dry season from October to February and a rainy season from March to November - mean annual temperature of 25°C.


The region is magic of the wilderness - Enjoy!


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