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Nestled in lush greenery at the foot of Mount My Son, My Son the city is the most important archaeological site of the Champa Kingdom and the Cham civilization bringing one of the most important testimonies of that civilization. My Son is a historical relic, art and culture of the Champa Kingdom. The site contains approximately 70 architectural constructions of brick and stone. And it's no surprise it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Diversity in the architecture reveals the talent of the Chams. The Cham art has a sweetness, a charm, poetry greatly influenced by Hindu art, hence the fact of several statues represent Shiva. Formerly, My Son was a holy place several centuries later became a religious and political center and capital of the kingdom of Champa. Footprints of mystery, the ruins of MY SON stand in the middle of the jungle take out your desire of adventure!


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