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Phu Quoc has the most beautiful white sand beaches of the country. For many of us, they are comparable to dream beaches of the islands of the Indian Ocean. Beaches have white sand like powdered sugar and water is so clear for great swimming. The most spectacular beaches are distributed along the west coast and around the southern tip of the island.


Bai Lang Ngo reefs offer beautiful diving sites and it is also possible to observe the fish off the small islands in the North and South.


The mountainous interior is home to a national park and a few footpaths across its tropical forests. This is a sub-equatorial climate with two seasons and monsoon:
                       the rainy season (October only)
                       the dry season (November-September).
The average temperature is 27 ° C.


Tours in Phu Quoc are available all year, but the best time is of course the dry season when the sky is clear and blue. Phu Quoc Nature Reserve covers mainly the mountainous north of the island. There are nearly 900 species of trees. The forest is home to many species of birds and small mammals (flying squirrels, sloth-monkeys ...). Trekking in the park as possible during the dry season only. Far from the bustle, the Phu Quoc island is ideal to put aside time for contemplation or meditation. A number of temples and shrines are scattered over the island,


Duong Dong is the main town and has the only airport of the island.
Possible visits during your tour: 

   Dinh Cau temple - a symbol of the island.
   Duong Dong market is a good way to get a glimpse of life on the island ... A lively atmosphere.

   At Pier market you can take beautiful pictures of boats, a fish sauce factory. A host of recreational activities are available.

You can have beautiful bike rides, hiking, and excursions, water sports or you ask for a fishing tour or simply relax on the beach ...! Observing splendid sunset is also on the tour program! Phu Quoc is an island paradise that combines sand, sea, sun and stone all in perfect harmony. A wonderful place !


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