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Ba Be National park

Duration: 4 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVPB View details


Living in harmony CarteVietnam ParcBabewith culture and nature for your trip to Vietnam. A 4-day tour to discover of one of the most beautiful natural sites in the North. Meet ethnicities such as Tay, Dao or Hmong. You will have the opportunity to dine and sleep in Tay and Hmong house.


Go on an adventure in the rainforest with its abundant flora and fauna and its countless species of butterflies.A destination full of charm with its waterfalls, rivers, lakes, caves and its poetic name pond fairies.



• Discovery of ethnicities 

• 3 nights homestay

• The opportunity to discover one of the 20 lakes
the most outstanding natural freshwater lakes

• A wealth of wonderful varied landscapes


Your itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi / Ba Be

Day 2: Ba Be / Visits

Day 3: Ba Be / Cam Thuong

Day 4: Cam Thuong / Hanoi