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Colours of Tonkin

Duration: 10 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVCT

It is through this 10-day tour you will have the opportunity to dive into the heart of local communities, Vietnam with a hundred faces.
Mosaics of Tonkin

Duration: 15 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVMO

Discover North Vietnam through many landscapes as you've never seen. Go to meet locals to share and know the warmth of the people who open up their doors for a few evenings and nights.
Panorama of Vietnam

Duration: 11 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNCPA

This tour has the essence of a trip to Vietnam. It is designed for travelers who love nature, culture and beautiful scenery. An ideal trip for a first discovery of Vietnam, through its beautiful sights.
Beauty of Central Highlands

Duration: 8 days Departure: Ho Chi Minh Tour code: VNVBTC

An 8-day tour to dive in the spectacular scenery of Central Vietnam still ignored by traditional tourist routes. Strolling in a natural green setting, go closer to the Ethnic and custom, discover their village, take the time to share, admire different plantations of coffee, pepper and enjoy green tea.
Great adventure in Vietnam

Duration: 15 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVGT

The tour will take 15 days to complete an initial discovery Vietnam from North to South, from Hanoi-the energetic capital city to Saigon (Hochiminh city)- the pearl of Far East. You will be immersed with Vietnamese daily life and culture. All of Vietnam beauty will be presented in this tour, the emerald water of famoud Halong bay, the elegance of forbidden kingdom Hue, the charming small town Hoian and many more.
Heritage trail

Duration: 11 days Departure: Hanoï Tour code: VNVCP

11 day stay in perfect harmony with nature and culture. Some UNESCO's heritage are present in this tour to make your trip an unforgettable experience! From Hanoi, the bustling capital to the romantic Halong Bay, the eighth wonder of the world or the national park Phong Nha full of mysterious caves and precious historical relics. Discover the Cham culture and return to elegant imperial city of Hue.
Trekking in Tonkin

Duration: 10 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVTTO

This 10-day trip will allow you to dive into the scenery of Northern Vietnam. Walk through the mountains and share the daily life of the Tay. Spend the night in their typical house on stilts. Travel through the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the emerald waters of Halong Bay.
Trekking in the land of Thais

Duration: 9 days Departure: Hanoi Tour code: VNVTRT

A tour of 10 days to dive into the karst scenery of the North East of Vietnam. Walk through the mountains and share the daily life of the ethnic Thai. Sleeping in a local house on stilts.