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In 2009, Vietnam had 86 million inhabitants, making it the 12th country in the world by population. With 86% of this population, the Vietnamese (or Kinh) represent the majority. They are present in the deltas and plains. They grow rice for food.


 vietnamvert html 8695d35The 53 ethnic groups live primarily in mountainous regions (¾ of the country's area) such as the northern mountains, Truong Son ranges and Central Highlands. Ethnic groups differ both in language and customs. They coexist peacefully throughout the country. They grow maize and cassava.


According to recent statistics, life expectancy of Vietnamese is about 73 years for women and 68 years for men. The average age is 30 years representing 60% of the total population. In addition the birth rate is a positive, every year, Vietnam has about one million new-borns. 46 million workers contribute the work force.


This is the perfect time for the development of the country: Vietnam aims to become the Dragon of Asia



+ Language and writing

The Vietnamese language is a beautiful language of Austro-Asiatic, monosyllabic and tonal (that means every syllable has a meaning but a word may be polysyllable). It has six tones and borrows many expressions from the Chinese language.

It was transcribed in writing of Latin characters in the seventeenth century by the French missionaries. Among them, Alexandre de Rhodes holds a special place. It is said that Alexander de Rhodes arrived in Vietnam when he heard for the first time the Vietnamese he thought he heard "chirping birds". He learned the language in six months and takes notes in his own way.

In the South, the way Vietnamese documented in Latin characters were becoming increasingly important in the early twentieth century, then in the 1920s in Hanoi and in the 1950s in the countryside with propaganda of the Indochinese Communist Party. In 1945, after proclaiming the country's independence, the government of Ho Chi Minh chose the Latin transcribed Vietnamese language as official language. 


+Language uses:  


Here are some common phrases in Vietnamese:
Tieng Viettieng viet2


Hello: Xin chao 


Good bye: Tam biet


Thank you: Cam on


Excuse me: Xin loi


How are you : Co khoe khong?


I am fine: Toi khoe


Can I have the bill please: Lam on tinh tien


See you again: Hen gap lai