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Genealogical Study Chamauret
"Michel CHAMAURET, Genealogist in Tours (France) since 1977. He is associated with her daughter Marion since 2005, searching for heirs in France and worldwide. With his wife, they discovered, VIETNAM, from north to south, with Viet, become his friend, founder of VIETNAM VERT VOYAGES, they returned home in France, before going again to VIETNAM, along with a couple of friends to meet the family of Viet and deepen their knowledge of this welcoming country. "
Grand Brimerand
The lodge and guest rooms of the "Grand Brimerand" calm and tranquil at the heart of our country Allier, will allow you to recharge your batteries away from all the hassles of our hectic life. Large green area (1 hectare) and pool available. We receive you in this place in friendship to share a welcome drink and special moments. The small free breakfast will start your day.