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Carte du VietnamLocated in the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has an area of ​​331,690 sq. km. It is surrounded to the west by Laos (1150 km) and Cambodia (950 km) north by China (1 650km). It is bordered by the East Sea (offering nearly 3,300 km of coastline), the Gulf of Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand. It has the form of a stretched S, whose ends are distance of 1650 km apart.

Mountainous areas and highlands occupy two-thirds of Vietnamese territory. The North includes high mountains where peaks at 3143 m, Mt.Fansipan, the highest point of entire Indochina. Vietnam has two major deltas: Red River Delta with area of 15,000 km2 and the Mekong Delta with area of 60,000 km2.